Since beginning to learn to ring in 2007, I have rung nearly 30 peals and more than 300 quarter peals.

Typically, when the tower at Trinity Church Wall Street is ringable, along with around 20 other Trinity Ringers, I ring before and after the 11:15 Sunday service.

I ring because its fun, it gives some physical exercise, and it challenges the brain.  Indeed, having rung for more than a decade, and having sung choral music for nearly three decades, I think that ringing is more taxing mentally than singing.

Even the best videoand this is an excellent video of us Trinity Ringers at work (hat tip to Lorena Rios)—can only begin to convey the complexities.  This video shows us looking around, watching each other as we ring.  Which suggests how a band of ringers must collaborate, and depend on each other.  Its a musical team sport!

RiNGING Records

Ringers do keep score, in a manner of speaking.  Along with most other change ringers in the world, I try to make sure that my peals and quarter peals are recorded on Bellboard

Ringing is a pinnacle of pattern and proportion
— J.C.B.